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“Let me help you have peace in your soul.”
—Kitty Ghen

Kitty Ghen is a leading guide in Personal Development and Health Services, serving Greater Philadelphians since 2002. Kitty Ghen offers services in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), acupuncture and reiki. With compassion and gentle encouragement, she has helped thousands triumph over personal, business, relationship and health challenges on their way to finding freedom, joy and peace in their lives.

Conscious individuals from Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA and Philadelphia PA as well as from Delaware and New Jersey who are interested in furthering themselves in personal development and health have worked with Kitty Ghen since shortly after the dawn of the 21st century.

Kitty Ghen - Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) - acupuncture - reiki - headshot - Greater Philadelphia - Montgomery County PA - Bucks County PA - Chester County PA - Delaware County PAKitty Ghen’s interest in personal development and health was sparked by her sons’ health conditions as youngsters. Her sons experienced marked turnarounds in health, thanks to Neuro Emotional Technique, acupuncture and others healing modalities. “This changed the course of my children’s lives,” she says.

Kitty Ghen was inspired to help others in Neuro Emotional Technique, acupuncture and, later, reiki. These services help unlock personal development in her patients. “Emotions and emotional stress not only strain the mental or emotional sides of people but affect the physical body,” she says.

Kitty Ghen has her patients’ best interests in mind when they come to visit her. She goes the extra mile by offering lifestyle suggestions for improved life performance and may refer patients to her trusted circle of local personal development and health leaders for additional services from which she believes they might benefit.

Kitty Ghen lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and enjoys leading a healthful lifestyle while pursuing continued personal development gains of her own.

Kitty Ghen’s office is located in Suite 360, 100 West Main Street, Lansdale, PA 19446. If you have any questions about Kitty Ghen’s services or would like to schedule an appointment, please call or text 📱 215–498–9108. If you’d like to send an email, please fill out a contact form.