Acupuncture: Kitty Ghen Is a Longtime Acupuncture Provider with a Track Record of Success

Acupuncture session with woman - Kitty Ghen

As one of her Personal Development and Health Services, Kitty Ghen offers acupuncture, an alternative medicine and key arm of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are inserted into the body to help provide pain relief. She has helped patients experience relief from pain such as neck pain, back pain and leg pain.

Kitty Ghen Can Help Patients Experience Improved Functioning in Their Bodies

Acupuncture is a healing modality to help improve the body’s function level by straightening out the body’s matrix of 12 main meridians, forming a web in the body. Just like if a spider web were pulled, markedly changing the shape of the web, expert placement of acupuncture needles by Kitty Ghen has the ability to shift the whole body’s matrix, even enabling organs to shift back to their original positions and begin to function better.

Kitty Ghen has been practicing acupuncture since 2002.