Neuro Emotional Technique: Kitty Ghen Is a World-Renowned NET Practitioner

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) session with woman - Kitty Ghen

Kitty Ghen Is a Leading Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner Who’s Helped Thousands Take Flight in Life

As one of her Personal Development and Health Services, Kitty Ghen offers Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). Kitty Ghen is a world-renowned leader in the Neuro Emotional Technique, commonly known as NET, community. Neuro Emotional Technique is the heart of Kitty Ghen’s Personal Development and Health Services practice. “It brings me a lot of joy to practice NET with patients because I’m helping them release things that have been stuck in their patterning and in their lives for a long time,” she says. “These patterns go way back into childhood.”

Some of Kitty Ghen’s Neuro Emotional Technique patients have reported improved personal relationships, including partnerships and marriages, as well as career advancement and decreased job stress. Other Neuro Emotional Technique patients have overcome pain, trauma, self-sabotage and abusive pasts, among many other life breakthroughs, on their way to enjoying life with refreshed perspectives.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Can Help Patients Release Stored Emotions and Patterns in a Gentle Fashion with a Compassionate Guide

Developed by Drs. Scott Walker and Deb Walker in the years leading up to the first Neuro Emotional Technique training seminars, in 1988, NET works physiologically on the body. Emotions amass as chemicals in the body. When we experience life events, the brain releases chemicals into the blood, and our biochemical bodies register feelings such as love or anger and confidence or fear. These chemicals are supposed to be released, but often they get trapped in the body, binding at receptor sites. Anger binds at the liver and gallbladder, and fear attaches to the kidneys and bladder, for example. These receptor sites are designed to attract chemicals to help the body operate. If these receptor sites are overrun with stored chemicals, amassed from feelings connected to life experiences, eventually the body cannot run efficiently. Additionally, with lodged chemicals attached to receptor sites, a pattern gets to be instilled in the body. Thus, whenever the subconscious brain connects a new event with an old event, the body reacts by storing these new chemicals in the same places it put the chemicals associated with old events. This is why people experience repeated episodes such as continually making the mistake of dating an unideal romantic partner.

Kitty Ghen practicing Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) with a patient

Kitty Ghen is at work during a Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) session. She is world-renowned for her longtime work in Neuro Emotional Technique and is considered to be among the world’s foremost NET practitioners. Kitty Ghen offers a warm, calming office in Lansdale PA, where she serves patients from Montgomery County PA, Bucks County PA, Chester County PA, Delaware County PA and Philadelphia PA as well as from Delaware and New Jersey.

The thrust of Neuro Emotional Technique is that the practitioner can work with patients through the use of gentle muscle testing in finding original events, known as cathexes, defined as the investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object or idea. A compassionate guide, Kitty Ghen can help get to these chemical patterns, set in throughout the body, with patients experiencing physical release from the binding sites. Her Neuro Emotional Technique work may also include nutritional testing for allergies and deficiencies. Emotional stress causes the body to use up B vitamins much more quickly than an optimally functional body, for example.

MRI and heart-rate variability medical tests have proven Neuro Emotional Technique to be effective in producing marked changes in the brain in before-and-after-NET results. The brain can simply function better, with synapses firing more efficiently.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Has Been Developed over 30-Plus Years by a Worldwide Community of Committed Practitioners That Includes Kitty Ghen, an NET Master

Ultimately, the magic and beauty of Neuro Emotional Technique is that it helps enable patients to clear out blockages in their subconscious so that they can rise in life in all they do. “As we clear emotional traumas from the body, the lives of people as well as all those connected to them get better,” Kitty Ghen says.

Kitty Ghen has earned a Level 3 certification in Neuro Emotional Technique, the highest certification available, and has been practicing NET since 2002. She regularly attends seminars to continually refine her approach to her NET, which continually evolves and improves, thanks to the commitment of worldwide practitioners who want to see the work help as many as possible.