Enjoy testimonials for Kitty Ghen‘s Personal Development and Health Services work in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), acupuncture and reiki. Please contact Kitty Ghen if you’d like to share your testimonial(s) about her services.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Testimonials

“Kitty Ghen helps set you free on your way to experiencing a deep inner peace and boundless vision for life by identifying and breaking down patterns in our bodies that hold us back. I’ve worked with Kitty since summer 2017 and am astounded at how deep our NET sessions go. I’ve been learning so much about myself and why I have been locked in a state of struggle in some areas of life, thanks to Kitty’s mastery of NET. It’s been a privilege and honor to have Kitty, one of the world’s foremost NET practitioners, as a guide to personal development. When you work with Kitty Ghen—a kind, gentle and caring soul—you’ll stand to benefit tremendously in many areas of life, helping you become the person you’ve dreamed about!”

Brian Rossiter, Fruit-Powered creator

“Kitty helped me heal an issue that persisted for more than 20 yrs. None of the medical professionals who treated this issue were able to resolve it using pharmaceuticals one of which had the potential to destroy my liver!”

—Linda Groman, in a Google review